BMW f 750 gs

BMW F 750 GS review

Since the announcement of the new BMW f 750 gs and f 850 gs BMW adventure motorcycles, there’s been a lot of anticipation around the new models. To replace the faithful workhorses that were the f700…

2018 Honda CB1000r Review

I recently had a quick ride on the 2018 Honda CB1000r, so just a few initial impressions. Reading the news release and seeing the pics, even though I’m not a big Honda fan – I was…

2013 BMW K1300r

BMW k1300r Long Term Motorcycle Review

BMW k1300r Long Term motorcycle review: Living with this bike now for over a half a year I can genuinely say it is the best bike I’ve ever ridden. Not just the fastest but as a package it simply rocks. It’s easy to ride, has a stack of gadgets, safety gear and the presence of a heavy-weight gorilla without the handling issues.

2004 Buell XB12S Stunt show wheelie

Buell XB12S Motorcycle Review

Buell XB12S – To an uneducated non-rider, many bikes can look the same. The “inspired” can usually spot a Harley, but can’t tell it from a Japanese cruiser. Same goes for Sportbikes. The XB series from…