2018 Honda CB1000r Review

I recently had a quick ride on the 2018 Honda CB1000r, so just a few initial impressions.

Reading the news release and seeing the pics, even though I’m not a big Honda fan – I was intrigued.
I had to see it in the flesh, and I wasn’t disappointed. This bike looks amazing and is adorned with a stack of great details and high-quality materials. The Honda CB1000r is by far the most impressive Honda I’ve seen in the showroom for years.

2018 Honda CB1000r Review


I’m in the process of expanding on this, so just a few key points and images for now…

  • Engine:
    • very smooth, puls hard low down and then takes off up high
    •  very tractable, doesn’t jump/ jerk
  • Brakes, amazing
  • Sounds Great, even stock standard. Starts up with a deep smooth hum, which transforms into a racing scream higher up in the RPM range.
  • Nimble but solid handling. Firm suspension but not jarring.
  • Great futuristic display, and visibility. One of the coolest I’ve seen.
  • Adjustable shock front and back

The whole look is like something out of Bladerunner, but firing up the bike is typical Honda. Which is not a bad thing at all.

Cons? Not much – minor irritations. Hard seat, some vibes creep through at about 5,000rpm but not terrible – a sort of a tingling through the balls.

A relatively tall motorcycle could just flat foot. Sitting quite upright, quite a commanding position. Could be a challenge for shorter riders.

All in all, to be honest, I only rode the CB1000r for 45mins or so, but in that short time, I could certainly say that it’s a great bike. Looks awesome, plenty of power with razor handling and a bucket-load of tech. I’ll be keeping an eye on this one!

Thanks to Sydney City Motorcycles Lane Cove for the Quick ride


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