Harley Davidson FXDL Low Rider

Harley Low Rider Review 2017

The story of how I went looking for an 883 sporter and ended up riding into the sunset on a Harley Low Rider.

Picking up the New Low Rider - 2017 Model. Two Georges and Brian
Me and my bro-in-law collecting the low rider. He looks happier than I do.

Coming across the Harley Low Rider was a coincidence. I’ve owned a Harley Sportster 883 Iron before, which I sold in frustration but consequently ended up missing it badly. In my nostalgia, I found myself at the local Harley dealer with the intent of getting back the old 883 in some form. There are some new glossy versions, flaked and even the old matt-black that I was looking for.

Harley Iron 883 - Stock Standard
My stock 883 from many years back about 30min after picking it up
That’s where it happened. I saw the new 2017 Harley Low Rider – it ‘had me at hello’. Nothing wrong with the Sportster but I figured there is a reason you don’t go back to old girlfriends you’ve broken up with. There was a solid reason for leaving in the first place right?

Prior to laying my eyes on the new low rider, I did test the Harley Sportster, Roadster XL1200CX, which was fun but more about that in another article. The point being, I’ve had a Sporty already and thought it was time for a big twin, and at 1690cc – big it certainly was!

2017 Harley Low Rider FXDL - Vivid Black. Showstopper!
How shiny is that Low Rider? A bitch to keep clean

What’s in a name?

Out of all the models, why would you buy a Harley Low Rider? Let’s be honest, it is plainly the best name. Everything else sounds like a fancy vibrator. No, really. Think about it – Fat Boy. Night train. V-Rod. Super Glide, Ultra Glide…Are we still talking bikes here? So the name is cool, that a great start.

The Dyna family are well known for being the pick if you want to ride the pants off a hog.

Bare bones, no extra fat, big engine and this one equipped with twin disc brakes and ABS. Couple that with decent cornering angle and you’ve got a Hog that can shove along. 

I was particularly impressed with how well the bike is finished off straight from the store. Back in the day, you’d have to drop a few Gs to get the roughly built hog looking good. Sure, the HD bible ( parts catalog) make certain you can still do that, but you don’t need to. You could quite easily leave it stock (aside from the pipe) and have a bike you can be proud of.

Thanks to Northern Beaches Harley Davidson. for a cool buying experience. Great showroom and friendly staff.

To be continued…

2017 Dyna Low Rider

Stock Low Rider sound

I distinctly recall riding away from the dealership many years back on an 883 and was stunned at not only how woeful the stock power output was, but also that the mini hog sounded like a sewing machine. Scarred by my previous experience, I promptly had the Screamin’ Eagle 2-1 nightstick installed on this new Harley Low Rider.

The nightstick slip-on isn’t loud, but it does sound good. Give it the beans, and you’ll be met by a throaty roar that doesn’t stop until you’ve hit the limiter. It’s fair to say the two into one does change the Harley sound somewhat. That is, compared to the classic, two into two arrangement which has been the staple for anything but the touring models.


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